October 2022

Glory to Jesus Christ!


Dear Friends,

Every year at this time, we are blessed with a miracle. Through the grace of God and the intercession of His Holy Mother, our Annual Pilgrimage took place once again, for the 88th time.

During every final week of preparation, we wonder if everything will get finished, will we be ready, will the weather hold up?  Somehow, all the answers to these questions became the miracle we experienced Labor Day Weekend.

You were very much a part of that miracle. Every effort and sacrifice you made during the Pilgrimage became a gift to all who were blessed by being here to honor the Mother of God. Your presence helped to make the Pilgrimage a vibrant experience of what it means to be Church.

May the blessings of Pilgrimage accompany you all through the year, until we meet again to honor Our Mother of Perpetual Help at her Shrine on Mount St. Macrina.

With gratitude,


Sr. Susan Sisko
Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great