Since the root of the word
“vocation” is “voca” – “voice” or a “voice calling,” vocation is often termed a “call.”  But what kind of call? Actually, it’s usually  not a voice speaking to one, not even a text.  Its more often than not an idea that keeps showing up in various ways.  It could be right in the mind, but it could show up in something one reads, hears, senses in one’s heart or gut.

Perhaps you’re getting the notion that the idea comes again and again, in a variety of mediums.  That’s about right for most people.  Occasionally, the idea comes in the midst of a powerful spiritual experience.

The person may say “Yes, that’s right for me,” and quickly take steps in that direction.  For many though, there is hesitation as one tries on the idea, talks to others, prays and seeks clarity. It’s quite a journey!

“Help!” you might say – and the Church provides help in the person of the Vocation Director.  Each Eparchy has one and so does every religious community. We are prepared to help with such decisions. You may text or call me, Sister Barbara Jean at 724-570-5783 or email me at


General Characteristics

Appropriate level of spiritual life

Emotional and physical health

A level of intelligence and academic

consistent with the kind of life one