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Christ Is Risen!

May you live in the peace and joy of Jesus Christ who has
conquered all pain, suffering, and death. Live in the glorious assurance that no matter how dark the night, no matter how anxious the journey, the Son of God has conquered all darkness and death.

May these words of the Angel be your Easter hope each day:

“He is going before you into the Galilee of your
everyday life; there you will see Him, as He told you.”

Peace and blessings to you throughout this holy season,

Sister Seraphim and Sisters

Visit our 2013 Easter Photo Album.

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Obituary: Pat Pallini, His parents served J.V. Thompson at Oak Hill Estate

Amerigo “Pat” Pallini, 95, of Uniontown, Pa., died peacefully on Fri., Feb. 22, 2013 at the Uniontown Hospital.

Pat was the son of the maid and butler who served J.V. Thompson, the Coal Baron, until his death in 1933.  Pat was born in the Thompson mansion and was very much a part of the life of J.V. and his grandchildren who lived at Fox Hill, the enjoining estate. When J.V.’s vision began to fade, Pat read the morning paper to him before going off to school. In his mid-nineties, Pat still got emotional when J. V.’s death was mentioned – he was 16 at the time.

Pat and his parents moved to another part of the property once the Sisters made the mansion their first monastery and renamed Oak Hill Estate Mount St. Macrina.  His parents are buried here. Pat went on to university and spent his life as a chemical engineer after marrying his high school sweetheart. For the last couple of decades he was her faithful caregiver. Hazel died in November after their 72 year relationship.  Everyone expected Pat would want to join her soon.

After Pat’s retirement, he moved back to this area from Ohio where he had raised his two children.  He introduced himself to us and happily supplied fascinating details of life at Oak Hill.  He delighted in regaling folks with the stories at elder hostels held at the mansion, now the House of Prayer, or at the tours during the National Road Festival. He assisted the Laurel Highlands High School Advanced History students in producing a booklet with the history and reprints of the photos of the house during the Thompson’s time, still available.

All who knew Pat – who called himself “Pontius Pilot” since he flew aircraft in his job, were delighted with his Italian charm and humor as well as with his interesting memories of an era gone by.  So many will miss him. We, for our part, will continue to pray, with gratitude, for Pat and Hazel.  Eternal memory and peaceful repose!


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Catholic Sisters Leadership Council (CSLC)

The Tri-Diocesan Leadership Conference (TDSLC) of Western PA, established in 1974 has reorganized its structure and changed its name to better reflect and expand the association’s representation of Catholic Sisters in Western PA.  The organization is now known as the Catholic Sisters Leadership Council (CSLC) of Western PA. The CSLC will foster relationship and mutual support, share information, engage in dialogue, exercise its collective voice and collaborate with one another and with others.

The Council will consist of representatives from communities ministering in the
Western PA region, and will include a Board of Directors and four officers who
are elected members of leadership in their communities.  Sr. Susan Sisko has been elected co-chair of this newly formed organization. Serving along with her is treasurer Sr. Benita DeMatteis, OSB, (Sister Susan, OSBM), secretary Sr. Mary Norbert Long, SC and co-chair Sr. Maria Fest, CDP.


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House of Prayer to host Retreat for Young Adults

Mark your calendar for Feb. 22-24, 2013 for the Young Adults Weekend Retreat at the Mount St. Macrina House of Prayer in Uniontown.  The retreat is open
to men and women, ages 18-35, and the theme is “Deepening in Faith in a
Post-Modern Culture”.

“The Year of Faith that the Catholic Church declared for this year calls each of us to find a means to grow in faith. The retreat will challenge participants to see life’s opportunities and difficulties with Christian eyes.  It will be a short-term intensive way to learn to walk more securely in Christ’s way,” said Sr. Barbara Jean Milhalchick, OSBM, who is coordinating the retreat.

The deadline for registration is February 15, 2013.  The offering for the weekend is $100. A deposit of $25 is due at the time of registration.  Sister Barbara Jean and a team of young people will lead the program.   The registration form is provided below.  Please click on the link to download. If you have questions or need additional information, please call the House of Prayer at 724-438-7149.

Young Adult Flyer 2013 – Reg Form

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Feast of the Holy Theophany

Father Michael Huszti, Chaplain to the Sisters of St. Basil at the Mount, blessed the monastery chapel and the entire building on the occasion of the Feast of the Holy Theophany. The feast was preceded by the praying of the proper liturgical hours which, this year, included special preparatory prayers on both Friday and Saturday, followed by the Holy Supper Saturday evening. TheTheophany icon displayed on the tetrapod was written by Sister Theodosia Alishofski, OSBM.
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Words from Wilkes-Barre with Sisters Regina and Sister Theodosia

Happy New Year! The end of the year has been a busy time for us here in Wilkes Barre.

At the end of September, in response to an invitation from the Carmelite Sisters, we traveled with our parishioners to Sugarloaf for an evening of prayer. The evening included a Moleben to St. Theresa the Little Flower; followed by an excellent talk about Sr. Theresa the Little Flower by Father Jude Peters OSF from Milwaukee,Wisconsin; and, Compline Prayer.

A few days later, we attended the 125th anniversary celebration of St. Mary Church in Kingston. Both of us were delighted with the opportunity to meet with parishioners and many young people of the parish.

In mid-October, we attended the Eastern Catholic Churches’ Encounter in Hillsborough, New Jersey and met people from other states, ethnic faiths and religious affiliations.   We participated in Melkite Vespers, Matins and Liturgy and found them inspiring.  The speakers were excellent and we were particularly impressed with Bishop Peter Libasci, who received a standing ovation from the group. He spoke on breathing with two lungs – East and West – and on the “How and What of Lay Leadership,” that is, putting on Christ by witnessing Him to others. Afterwards, we enjoyed participating in the open discussion of the group.

Every Wednesday in October, we made a Pilgrimage to the Mother of God, in which a different Akathist to her was celebrated each time.  On the last day, October 31, all five parishes participated as Father Paul Wolansky of Sts. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church spoke.

December brought a number of events associated with the preparation of Christmas. On the 6th, we went Christmas caroling beginning with the St. Nicholas Apostolate at Tiffany Court Nursing Home.  Three days later, on December 9, we went caroling again, this time at the Little Flower Nursing Home.  All residents gathered with us and sang along.  It was truly a heart-warming experience.

Also on December 9, we attended the annual St. Nicholas celebration at Golden Palace.  Young and old join in the celebration, and every year one man and one woman are honored with the St. Nicholas award.

Back to caroling on December 11 at St. Luke’s Villa and on December 13 at River Ridge Nursing Home.

December 11-13, we attended the “Year of Faith” mission given at a different parish every night by Father Frank Hanincik.  Father stressed that Faith is related to Trust and that Mary is the Model of Faith. He mentioned that the Pillars of Faith are Scripture and Tradition; however, the Heart of Faith is our relationship to each other and the way in which we witness our faith to others.

We went to St. Michael’s in Pittston on December 23. There all of the parishes gathered for Compline celebrated at 3:00 p.m. by the Pastor’s  bishop, His Grace Milan Sasik of Mukachevo. 

At 7:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, the ECF children presented a Christmas pageant which we had prepared with them. Christmas carols by the children and parishioners followed the pageant.

Then, on December 30, we attended the ECF Christmas program with Jaslickari at St. John Church in Georgetown at noon.

On New Year’s Eve, Father Jim Hayer, Pastor at St. Mary’s in Wilkes-Barre, held an early New Year’s Eve Social for the parishioners to welcome the New Year.

This Christmas season was a busy one for us.  During the month of December, we also visited home-bound and nursing home residents.  Sister Theodosia made cards for the parishioners of the five parishes in these homes.  We also enjoy singing carols to them and we try to bring comfort to parishioners who have recently lost loved ones.  Our ministry provides many blessed opportunities for us!



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