The Tri-Diocesan Leadership Conference (TDSLC) of Western PA, established in 1974 has reorganized its structure and changed its name to better reflect and expand the association’s representation of Catholic Sisters in Western PA.  The organization is now known as the Catholic Sisters Leadership Council (CSLC) of Western PA. The CSLC will foster relationship and mutual support, share information, engage in dialogue, exercise its collective voice and collaborate with one another and with others.

The Council will consist of representatives from communities ministering in the
Western PA region, and will include a Board of Directors and four officers who
are elected members of leadership in their communities.  Sr. Susan Sisko has been elected co-chair of this newly formed organization. Serving along with her is treasurer Sr. Benita DeMatteis, OSB, (Sister Susan, OSBM), secretary Sr. Mary Norbert Long, SC and co-chair Sr. Maria Fest, CDP.