Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for participating in the 79th Pilgrimage honoring the Theotokos under the title of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.  Many Pilgrims have commented on the sacred
and prayerful atmosphere which permeated the Mount during these days.

We Sisters sincerely believe that all of you, our cherished Pilgrims, bring with
you the irreplaceable manner in which you reflect the light of God’s Son.  Your presence brings a little foretaste of the lasting peace and joy which will be the fullness of the heavenly Kingdom.

Over our 79 years of hosting the annual Pilgrimage, we the Sisters of St. Basil,
continuously acknowledge that without our Pilgrims, the Pilgrimage would not be
possible.  Your presence lights up Mount St. Macrina and the shadow of your being casts a peaceful, prayerful glow over our Mount throughout the year.  We pray that you carry with you a special mindfulness as being chosen to bring the dazzling light of God’s presence into a world darkened by turmoil and disbelief.

We sincerely thank you and offer our assurance that you will be held within the
depth of our prayers throughout this coming year.   May Our Mother of Perpetual Help gently shelter your way.

With sincere gratitude in the Lord,

Sister Seraphim Olsafsky, OSBM