To each of us St. Paul puts the question:  Are you not aware that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

We make Pilgrimages because our hearts are filled with longing – longings to love
and be loved, longings to be treated with dignity, and to live in peace and
justice.  We travel on Pilgrimage because our unsettled hearts are in search of the Holy One who alone can bring us the complete fulfillment of all our desires.

Meanwhile, we will wake up on Tuesday morning and find that, as always, we will be rubbing shoulders and sharing our day with the same family, coworkers and friends.   We are called to bear each other’s burdens in love, whether we find it easy or difficult, because we are connected to one another in the same Divine Source.  As followers
of Jesus, there is no such thing as “your” problem” as yours is mine.  (R. Barron) Throughout each day, in some degree, we are called to help each other to our eternal destiny.  We can only accomplish this by seeing our neighbors and loved ones through the eyes of awe and respect.

C.W. Lewis writes that “You and I have never talked to a mere mortal…  those whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and even exploit are immortal beings with whom we are called to live forever.”  In this world, there are no
ordinary people.

Next to Lord Jesus whom we receive in the Divine Liturgy, your neighbor, your
friend, your beloved spouse or child, is the holiest object you will ever encounter
in this world.

Our lives are not just about us, because they are always related to the infinite
mystery of God, and the fulfillment of His divine plan.

The Sisters of St. Basil, and the Basilian Associates,  thank you Metropolitan Archbishop William, Bishop John, Bishop Gerald, and Rev. Edward Cimbala,
Rev. Archpriests, Rev. Fathers, Deacons, Seminarians, Cantors, Ushers, loyal employees, our generous benefactors, gracious volunteers, and all of you, our brother and Sister Pilgrims.

We thank you for sharing these moments and hours of your lives.  You bless Mount
St. Macrina with your prayers and your holy presence.  May the Lord keep you safe an give you His peace throughout the coming year.

Remember always thatyou are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you”.

You are not ordinary, for you a royal priesthood, you are the people of God.

Closing Remarks from Sister Seraphim at the 78th Annual Pilgrimage