With great solemnity, the Opening Divine Liturgy for the 10th General Chapter of the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great was celebrated by Archbishop Cyril Vasil, Secretary of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches in Santa Sofia. A ceremony designed by the Preparatory Commission preceded the Liturgy. Sister Miriam Claire, General Superior, and her Council presented each of the Capitulars and the assisting staff with a prayer shawl on which was emblazoned the Chapter Symbol, the Chapter dates and the country represented. This prayer shawl was designed as a symbol of the unity of the participants.
Following the Divine Liturgy, the participants received a lighted candle and in procession made their way back to the Chapter Hall. After a brief discourse, Archbishop Cyril Vasil blessed the Chapter hall, each Sister, and then called each by name. Each Sister then placed her candle before the symbols which had been placed on the stage. This concluded the opening ceremony and was followed by a festive meal shared in joy by all.