GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST!                               Pilgrimage 2017

Dear Friends,

Over the course of this past week, many of the external pieces of pilgrimage have slowly been packed away – the benches are back in the storage room; the tents which dotted the hillsides have been taken down; the candles have been moved indoors where they will continue to be burned in an ongoing prayer.

What continues to linger are the memories of so many spiritual blessings and memories.  The remnants of hurricane Harvey attempted to disrupt us in our celebrations on Saturday, but failed.  So many faithful pilgrims refused to be deterred by the chill in the air, the strength of the breeze, or the intermittent showers.

Instead, the wind was a reminder of the breath of the Spirit, and the raindrops were so many blessings flowing from Mary, the Life-giving Spring.  This faith and steadfastness brought forth the fruit of a lovely, sun-filled Sunday reminding us of the loving warmth of the Light of the World. Pilgrims of all ages filled the air with hymns and prayers blanketing the Mount with happy hearts and a palpable sense of peace and joy.

Be assured that all who came had an important part in making this pilgrimage a memorable and spiritually uplifting event. We will continue to pray for you each and every day, asking our dear Mother of Perpetual Help to watch over you and protect you. May the road of your life’s journey lead you back to this holy Mount for pilgrimage 2018.

With our love, prayers, and sincere gratitude,

Sister Ruth and the Sisters of St. Basil