Dear Friends AND Fellow Pilgrims,

How can we not be filled with joy after experiencing the peace and blessings of our

85th Pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help!

Each Pilgrimage is like a wonderful concert.  It begins as a single “note” as we meet to determine the theme of the pilgrimage.  During the following weeks and months, additional “notes” are added, creating the melody of celebrants, homilists, programs and speakers.  Come spring, the working “musicians” come to add their touch by cleaning, weeding, planting, organizing, ordering, and preparing the welcoming notes of hospitality in a spirit of service.

It all comes together with the arrival of our pilgrims from toddlers to teenagers, from young adults to seasoned seniors.  They all add their blend of prayers and praise, petitions and needs.  Finally, the spiritual concert rises from the prayerful grounds of Mount St. Macrina to the ears of Our Lord and his dear Mother, Cause of our Joy.

Thank you, sincerely, for being a part of this special “concert.”  May its beautiful strains continue to echo within you throughout this coming year.  Be assured that a daily prayerful “refrain” will be offered for you rising from the hearts of all of us, the Sisters of St. Basil.  We will await your return for the 86th pilgrimage that will include a celebration of our century of service to the Byzantine Catholic Church.

With our love, prayers, and gratitude,

Sister Ruth Plante, Provincial

and the Sisters of St. Basil