September 2020


Dear Friends,

Every year, for several weeks before our annual Pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, we petition Our Lord to grant us good weather for the weekend.  Sometimes He responds favorably, and sometimes we face the challenge of rain and storms.  This year, the year of our first virtual Pilgrimage, the weather was absolutely perfect.  Doesn’t Our Lord have quite the sense of humor!!!

Although we were disappointed that we were unable to welcome you in person (every year brings so many happy reunions!!), we were encouraged and touched by the number of pilgrims who joined us in prayer via our YouTube videos.  We had about 5000 people who had watched one or more presentations.  Likewise, we are in the process of lighting over 500 candles to fulfill the prayerful requests that were made.  I believe that our dear Mother of Perpetual Help must have been very pleased by the honor given to her and her divine Son.

We extend our thanks to Archbishop William, to each of our Bishops and clergy, and to each Eparchy for the publicity given through their publications.  Likewise, the Greek Catholic Union continues to support us as they have since our first days and our collaboration in caring for orphans at St. Nicholas Orphanage in Elmhurst, PA. We are also grateful to Sister Marion Dobos, OSB of the Archieparchial Office of Religious Education for the Children and Teen programs.

Finally, we thank each and every one of you for your words of loving support, your continued prayers, and your ongoing financial donations.  It touches our hearts to experience such a caring response.  Please know that we, in turn, will always remember you in our prayers each day.  We bring your intentions to our dear Mother of Perpetual Help and are confident that she will watch over you and keep you under her loving protection as we continue to face the challenges of these days.

                                                            With love, prayers, and gratitude,

                                                            Sister Ruth Plante, OSBM, Provincial

                                                                        and the Sisters of St. Basil