It seems obvious that we can have many valid and serious concerns today. Our world, our country and even our personal environments do not seem to be the peaceful, happy or at least better places we would like them to return to being. Never ending wars, needless destruction, horrible violence, economy in chaos, empty work places, new infectious diseases, the list could go on and on. And it must be accepted that our lives have been drastically changed by the pandemic and its effects.

However, even as these many undesirable troubles surround us, our Lord assures us, “I am with you always.” As people of faith and prayer, we continue to live in the hope and trust that our Lord and His Mother will be with us to protect and help us and those who are dear to us.

An opportunity to sustain and increase that faith, hope and trust, awaits us at the 88th annual Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at Mt. St. Macrina in Uniontown, Pa.
over the Labor Day weekend this year. The Sisters of Saint Basil the Great have announced with
great joy that it will be an “in person” Pilgrimage beginning on Friday evening, September 2, and
concluding on Monday morning, September 5. So, yes, there is a good happening indeed.
But the real sweetness of the Pilgrimage at this beautiful monastery property is the prayer both
personal and liturgical, the mystery of reconciliation, and the impressive gathering of our Church
at every level from the youngest baby in the Children’s Procession to our highest ranking
Metropolitan Archbishop William.

As has happened year after year for these very many Pilgrimages, people will travel from far and
near, they will be young and not so young, first time Pilgrims and every time Pilgrims, and
families both new and composed of several generations. For all who come, it will be the
witnessing and participation in the phenomenon of God’s grace, so-called because it has endured
for almost a century.

This Pilgrimage has mattered to people personally in providing them with spiritual growth and
strength, and in giving them the opportunity to join with pride in this event which unites them
with other Byzantine Catholics, their parishes, and their eparchies in a special time of giving
glory to God and honoring His Mother. Because of this, it has also been significant for our
Metropolitan Church, as its people gather as one. It has been said that the Pilgrimage holds our
Church together.

Please plan to attend. The Sisters of St. Basil with our Associates and our bishops, priests,
deacons, and faithful await your arrival, your presence, and the blessings that you will both receive and share.