The Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Province gather each summer in Uniontown for retreat, community meetings and celebrations. The Provincial Administration plans the programs.
Father Marcus Gomori gave the retreat July 29 – August 2, enriching the Sisters by viewing Gospel events with the aid of the Hebrew Scriptures, culture and religious traditions.
August 4 was the Jubilee celebration for the 50 Year Jubilarians. See separate blog and album.
Community meetings began August 5 with the Province report and updates from Sister Seraphim, followed by the Treasurer’s annual report, Pilgrimage planning and the Vocation Task Force report.  The final day centered on a visioning project the Sisters are working on in phases, as well as the Missioning Ceremony that traditionally completes Community Week.
In the midst of these days, on the Feast of the Transfiguration, the Sisters also commemorated the 60th Anniversary of Religious Life of Sister Helen Schott, and the 70th Anniversary of Sister Gertrude Martin.  In addition, many Sisters went to Mount Macrina Manor for a social event with our Sisters who are residents there.
The days were characterized with a spirit of gratitude and hope in the Transfigured Lord. The Sisters ever enjoy the opportunity to be together to appreciate each other’s giftedness, and to fill the chapel with the praises of the Lord and His Holy Mother.