bbea5710372e25a08a720b1fd0f7299dAs we enter into Holy and Great Week, we should realize how much Our Lord’s mercy is prevalent. Let us remember this fact and always rely on it. No matter how far we stray or transgress, the Father’s love will never reject us, but will embrace and transform us.

Unfortunately, it is not so uncommon for people to transgress the laws of God. It is easy to fall into sin. Most people realize that this is part of the human situation. Once this does happen, the question remains how do we approach our loving God to help us deal with our sin and despair? How does one face God after one has violated his laws? How do we feel when it gets to be too much and our sinfulness brings us to a time of despondency?

Just as a loving child needs the support of his/her parents when something is wrong, so does the person who has sinned need the loving support of God. How many of us believe that this support is there for us?

This concept must be understood by us in order to fully understand God’s mercy. His love for us will be the hand that brings us to Him and the pat on the shoulder that gives us the courage to move on. No matter how horrible the deed or how deep we fall, his love will never reject us.

Reflection Questions

  • In my most sinful, darkest hours, have I remembered to fall at the feet of Jesus and seek his mercy? When I have done this, has He not always generously forgiven and comforted my despairing soul?
  • Have I, in turn, sought to generously forgive others, even when they fail to seek my forgiveness?
  • As I draw closer to remembering the day of sublime mercy when Jesus died for us even though we were still in sin, have I forgiven those who have wronged me and sought forgiveness of those I have wronged?