bbea5710372e25a08a720b1fd0f7299dGod has his particular designs for each person. He plans his designs before each one is born. Because of free will, given by God, it is up to each person to carry out God’s plan.

Humans do not always do in their lives what God calls them to do. Just as John the Baptist was chosen to prepare the people of Israel for Jesus coming on this earth, so God calls each person to fulfill a task for which He planned.

This week the Church reminds us of the great task God asked of Jesus – the redeeming of humankind through his death on the cross. All are reminded of the events of the last weeks and days before the death of Jesus.

Reflection Questions

  • What has God planned for me in my life?
  • Have I fulfilled his call? Or have I given some excuse or just said, “no”?
  • What can I learn from John the Baptist, who was called before he was born?
  • What can I learn from Jesus, Who was called before He was born?

By Sr. Margaret Mary Schima, OSB. From Journey Through the Great Fast. Published by Office of Religious Education, Archeparchy of Pittsburgh. November 2001.