The Veneration of the Cross

The Veneration of the Cross

Day follows day, week follows week … Each one holding a bounty of blessings and graced hours. Each one likewise holds a measure of challenge, struggle and pain. As I face the dawn and promise of each new day, it is also important that I reflect upon the goodness of the God who offers it to me sanctified by His suffering and death.

This week I see placed before me the holy and life-giving Cross. It serves as a reminder that I was redeemed at a great price – a price that was endured because of unconditional love. In Matins I pray: “Your word upholds the universe, O Christ, and for me, You endured the buffeting, spitting and crucifixion; I praise the greatness of your love forever.” (Canon, Ode 8)

As I encounter each new day, recalling the love of Jesus can serve to build up my trust that all will be well. Perhaps everything will not fall into place according to my own plan, but trust in the goodness of the Lord enables me to let go of the need to control every facet of my life. I can then place the various events, questions, and problems into the hands of Jesus.

I know He loves me; I know all is his doing; I know I can look forward to the eternal life, which is promised to me through the death and Resurrection of Jesus.

Reflection Questions

  • Do I truly recognize and appreciate the graces and blessings that are mine each day?
  • As I look upon the Cross, am I mindful of the unconditional love that Jesus has for me?
  • Do I see the loving hand of Jesus in everyone and everything that is a part of my life?

By Sr. Ruth Plante, O.S.B.M. From Journey Through the Great Fast. Published by Office of Religious Education, Archeparchy of Pittsburgh. November 2001.